About Lovoka

Created in South Africa, Lovoka is a delicious caramel vodka liqueur. The taste is similar to a toffee vodka. Lovoka is also available in a decadent chocolate flavour. It is best served ice-cold or as a shot in a hot drink.

Lovoka offers a perfect balanced taste.  Our distillers combine the finest natural ingredients with the purest triple distilled vodka to create a unique spirit. The result is a sophisticated liqueur with a velvety smooth feel and an exceptional taste.

Why a Vodka Liqueur?

With the wide range of flavoured vodka available, a liqueur form is simply tastier. It lingers lovingly on the taste buds. With drinks like Thunder toffee spirit or Smirnoff Kisses Caramel, the flavoured nature gives only a hint of a taste. The Lovoka liqueur form offers something different and unique for the vodka connoisseur.

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