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Enjoy a perfect balance of flavours. Our triple distilled vodka is infused with the finest natural ingredients giving a unique taste.


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Our caramel liqueur won the PLATINUM award at the 2015 International SIP event.


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A Little Bit Of History...

Born in South Africa, Lovoka is a delicious caramel vodka liqueur. The taste is similar to a toffee vodka. Lovoka is also available in a decadent chocolate flavour. It is best served ice-cold or as a shot in a hot drink.

Lovoka offers a perfect balanced taste.  Our distillers combine the finest natural ingredients with the purest triple distilled spirit to create a unique spirit. The result is a sophisticated liqueur with a velvety smooth feel and an exceptional taste.

Why a Vodka Liqueur?

With the wide range of flavoured vodka available, a liqueur form is simply tastier. It lingers lovingly on the taste buds and has more body. With drinks like Thunder toffee spirit or Smirnoff Kisses Caramel, the flavoured nature gives only a hint of a taste and is a lot thinner on the palate. The Lovoka liqueur form offers something different and unique for the vodka connoisseur.


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