Chocolate Vodka Liqueur


Perfect for those with a sweet tooth, this versatile flavour can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Serve as a shooter, a sultry cocktail ingredient or with coffee for a simply sensational Espresso Martini!

If you enjoy vodka and are a chocolate fan then we've created a combination you will love.

An award-winning spirit with a unique taste. Lovoka is loved by discerning cocktail lovers around the world for its silky smooth texture and luxurious feel.

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Chocolate Vodka Liqueur

Unlike other cream based liqueurs, Lovoka chocolate vodka liqueur is lactose and dairy free. It is a luxurious yet clear tipple, which can be sipped neat over ice or enjoyed in a range of cocktails. Packaged in unique aluminium bottles, it was developed specifically for freezer storing, Lovoka chills faster than spirits in a glass bottle, providing an ice cold indulgent treat and a striking table addition.

This versatile liqueur can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Serve on its own over ice, as a shooter, a sultry cocktail ingredient or even a naughty dessert topping!

Lovoka can also be stirred into coffee, hot chocolate and other warm drinks, to create a hot taste sensation. The liqueur is an ultra premium, triple distilled vodka-based spirit which is infused with decadently indulgent chocolate. You’ll love the sophisticated, luscious and truly unique taste.



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